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Setup Admin Panel

Backend Source Code Structure#

It's look like this.

open code

Open Config File#

Open /application/Site_Constants.php.

open config

Rename Admin Panel#

Change Trippy Taxi to Your project Name find on line no. 16 like this.

rename title

/** Site name : Your Project Name */
defined('SITE_NAME') or define('SITE_NAME', 'Trippy Taxi');

Connect Database#

Update these settings with your database config.

update Database

  • Change DB_HOST to Your database host name like localhost etc find on line no. 34 like this.
/** Database Host name */
define("DB_HOST", 'localhost');
  • Change DB_USER to Your database Username like root etc find on line no. 37 like this.
/** Database user name */
define("DB_USER", 'root');
  • Change DB_PASS to Your database Password find on line no. 40 like this.
/** Database password */
define("DB_PASS", '');
  • Change DB_Name to Your database Name like trippy-taxi-db, find on line no. 43 like this.
/** Database name */
define("DB_Name", '');

Enable Notification from Firebase#

update fcm server key

/** Firebase Cloud Messaging Server Key */
define('FCM_SERVER_KEY', 'Your FCM Server Key');

Change Project Folder#

If you don't want to upload the project on the server root folder, you can upload the project in a subfolder.

  • Add your folder name after / like this /example on line no. 49

update project folder


Your Admin Panel Backend setup is complete

Thanks for reading this.#